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CPVC Stream Servo

RANGE – 100 TON TO 500 TON ENERGY SAVE 20% ~ 60%

The Plastic Cap Machines by Sumiket Natraj are used to make the plastic bottle caps of a mineral water bottle and carbonated beverages by high-temperature plasticizing.

The caps made from our machines have excellent quality, précised and beautiful appearance.

Our machines are equipped with the automatic temperature controller to keep them running smoothly.

With the temperature controller, you can adjust the temperature level to ensure the stability of the equipment.

Compared with the other plastic caps machines, our machines can produce 2-3 times more at the same energy consumption.

Variable Displacement
Pump Benefits

Low Inertia

Precise Control

Low Energy Consumption

High Power Density

Fastest response time

Experiences of 51 years

Value Propositions

Fast & Reliable

Large Tie Bar Spacing & Daylight

Precise, Accurate & Truly Closed Loop

Energy Efficient & Low Oil Requirement

Experiences of 51 years

Other Industries

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