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PVC Stream Servo

RANGE – 100 TON TO 500 TON ENERGY SAVE 20% ~ 60%

A Specially Designed Systems: Equipped with the high-quality PVC screw barrel, a high-efficiency cooling fan to maintain the temperature and smooth moulding operations.

Clamping Unit helps to increase the precision and rigidity of the mold.

With our box type bridge structure, you will not get worried about the mould platens; they are durable.

The tie rods in this unit are made of strong alloy steel and hard chromium to provide better mechanical and fatigue strength.

As we use the dual cylinder balance injection device, it will balance the uniform forces applied on the screw while injecting the molten plastic & moving ahead.

The screw is also made from alloy steel with chromium plating and is highly protected against fatigue & corrosion. This will improve the life span of a machine.

Variable Displacement
Pump Benefits

Energy Saving

User Friendly Control

Generous Specifications

Reliable & Robust

High Power Density

Experiences of 51 years

Value Propositions

Fast & Reliable

Large Tie Bar Spacing & Daylight

Precise, Accurate & Truly Closed Loop

Energy Efficient & Low Oil Requirement

Experiences of 51 years

Other Industries

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